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Will Luke go Dark Side in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"?

I don´t think so...
Still, I love a good conspiracy and all the theories around this Universe.
That´s what makes Star Wars so alive and unique.

Let´s take a look at some interesting facts:
- Luke fails at the Dark cave in Dagobah, with the cave "showig" him his future
- Luke uses Force choke against Jabba´s guards (no Jedi uses Force choke dude!)
- Luke chooses to wear black (no Jedi uses black!)
- Luke´s rage (a well known DS tool) fighting Vader gives him the advantage and the win, if you can call it a win (ok, some Jedi like, once in a while, to taste the Dark Side flowing through them)
- And he cuts his father hand in a vendetta style!
- There are more, I just can´t remember right now

Although George Lucas never wanted to turn Luke to the Dark Side, truth is, Mark Hammil gave him this (cool?) idea. Here´s the video where he states it.

Will we have a Dark Luke in J.J. Abrams movie? Honestly I don´t think so, because even if we don´t see Luke in the teasers and trailer, we see his hand touching R2 in a gentle nostalgic way. More, he´s wearing light colors, not the dark mantle of the Sith. But I still find pretty interesting that some people say he is Kylo Ren´s Dark Master, and that Ren is only his apprentice (like Vader was to Palpatine) and a puppet of his Master´s will.
Talking about Palpatine, some even say that his Master, Darth Plagueis, is still alive and might have something to do with all this turn of events. Plagueis is dead, for what we know, but this is Star Wars so anything can happen!

Now tell me, isn´t this amazing? One has to love the internet and all the Star Wars fans around the world building up such fantastic conspiracies.

I´m anxious to see what will unravel next...

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