sábado, 24 de outubro de 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer analysis

Alright Star Wars fans, what are your thoughts on these:

- Rey knows who she is, she knows about her heritage, she´s just playing with us. Which leads us to:
- She is running from it, from her family (is she Han and Leia´s daughter?)
- Rey and Kylo are siblings? Are they somehow relatives? Brothers, cousins...
- Is BB-8 a female droid?
- What does Kylo Ren mean when he says "I will finish what you started"? Will he bring Vader back from the dead?
- Is Luke in exile or was he sent/forced into exile?
- Did Luke trained the Knights of Ren and they went rogue? Luke promised to restore the Jedi Order and maybe he was gathering Force sensitive people during these 30 years between Episode VI and VII
- Is that furry body in front of a crying Rey, Chewie? (dead or possibly injured)
- And who´s that voice in the end and to whom is she talking to? Is it Leia talking to Rey, Finn or Kylo Ren? Might be Poe as well..

To wrap this up, why´s Rey pending to the Dark Side in the new poster?…
Just think about it for a few seconds and about the theory that her and Kylo can be relatives.

I would love to hear your thoughts about these theories in the comments bellow, so just go ahead and let´s discuss it there.

Thanks for reading (and thanks also to the Jedi Council for sharing their excitement and theories).

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