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What are the Mandalorian symbols in the new Star Wars trailer?

The new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer has plenty of information that your eyes might not catch the first time you´re watching it (as a fan, I hope you saw it at least 13 times in a row). One of the things I found more interesting is the Mandalorian Symbols at the entrance of a castle/temple? Is it Maz Kanata´s hive? (when we see Han, Rey and Finn passing by a big robot - pic below). Probably yes, but as many other things, we can only speculate about it at the moment.

Besides the panoply of colored flags, we see some Mandalorian imagery, like the Krybes. The Krybes is probably the most known Mandalorian symbol (printed in Boba Fett´s armor) and it represents a Mythosaurus skull, ancient creature that it is said to have wondered in Mandalore before the Taung arrived (there are other theories about what the Krybes represents, so feel free to check which one suits you best). There´s another symbol there but it´s unknown to me (unless it´s the wheat symbol of the house Fett), so if you know what´s that please let me know.

Another interesting thing about Mandalorians in this new trailer, is when Kylo Ren appears with the (presumable) Knights of Ren. It seems that the guy on the far left is a Mandalorian. Just sayin´...
And, in case you didn´t know, which I think you do, that´s where Kylo took his surname from.

All in all, it was another mind blowing trailer, the darkest one so far! We see plenty of killing, some blood, tears and sweat, scared and reluctant faces but also (finally!!!) Leia and Han in a sad hug, which leads me to believe that this won´t end as "light sided" as in the original trilogy.

Can´t wait for December the 16th...

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