segunda-feira, 26 de setembro de 2011

I like vintage

original Star Wars storyboard illustrations here.

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An announcement

“For over two decades, Kenobi has been the Jedi rebellion’s leader and symbol,” the Lord of the Sith said in a statement broadcast across the galaxy via HoloNet. “The death of Kenobi marks the most significant achievement to date in our empire’s effort to defeat the rebel alliance. But his death does not mark the end of our effort. There’s no doubt that the rebellion will continue to pursue attacks against us. We must and we will remain vigilant at home and abroad.”

Read more from Lord Vader.

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Tatooine exists

"It's possible that there's a real Tatooine out there," said John Knoll, visual effects supervisor at the special-effects firm Industrial Light and Magic, which was behind the "Star Wars" films. "Kepler 16b is unambiguous and dramatic proof that planets really do form around binaries."

More here.

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domingo, 18 de setembro de 2011

Moleskine flies to a galaxy far, far away...

It was with great joy that this was revealed to me. I had no idea that Moleskine had been cooking this campaign, that it is simply amazing!
I recommend a visit to BookDepository for the fans of Star Wars and Moleskine. You just can´t miss this edition...


Foi com grande satisfação que recebi esta "revelação". Não fazia ideia de que a Moleskine andava a cozinhar esta campanha que está simplesmente fantástica!
Recomendo uma visita ao BookDepository para os fãs de Star Wars e Moleskine. Não podem perder esta edição...

Mauro Bex : maurobindo