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Force Trainer

Mysterious "Force Trainer" Toy Explained

By Pete Vilmur

Last month, the Official StarWars.com Blog reported a story about the new Force Trainer toy from Uncle Milton Industries that reportedly utilizes brainwaves to levitate a ball within a tube, a la the Force. Well, that post generated so much attention on the site that we felt a follow-up story was in order to get to the bottom of this thing.

We contacted Uncle Milton Industries' Executive Vice President Frank Adler to get the low-down on this exciting new toy, which we hope to see out later this year:

Ok. Seriously. How does it work?
The wireless headset reads your brainwaves through dry sensor technology and can determine the differences between alpha, beta, gamma and delta waves. This allows a chip inside the Force Trainer to use an algorithm to interpret the data and translate it to physical action, which in this case moves the Training Sphere into different sections of the cylinder.

Will some people be able to produce brain waves more powerful than others? Can you consciously control them?

It depends on your midi-chlorian count! Ok, in actuality, it's not a matter of "more powerful" brain waves as much as "more focused." It's very much like the concept of practicing the Force as you see in the films. The deeper you are able to concentrate, the more you will 'feel the force flowing through you,' and the more you will be able to move the Training Sphere. The device will interpret different levels of focus rather than being just one big on/off switch.

How is the ball physically lifted?
The brainwave data is translated via computer chip to a fan inside the base of the Force Trainer, which is what actually lifts the ball -- your brain waves control how high the ball goes or how much it moves. As you move through the 15 different levels, you will activate Yoda's training tips and other sound effects.

How do you see this technology being applied in the near future?
The applications for the underlying technology are nearly limitless -- there have been discussions of using it in remote controls for televisions, stereos, video games, as well as some medical applications and other avenues for this type of technology.

When can we expect the Force Trainer to become available?
The Force Trainer will be in stores and online in Fall of 2009.

Please tell us you've got a bona-fide lightsaber in the works.
As soon as we find the right focusing crystals, you will be the first to know.

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