quarta-feira, 25 de julho de 2007

Star Wars Chubbies

I say it´s Russian inspiration, because they seem to be authentic matrioshkas. Anyway, you should read the product detail from the artists of Gentle Giant. The whole collection is just amazing. It´s already in my wish list.

Imported from Hot Toys in Hong Kong, Star Wars Chubby: Series 1 includes: Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker), Obi-Wan Kenobi, Sith, C-3PO, General Grievous and Wookiees. These Star Wars nesting dolls, houses two more figures within, each standing 1.5 inches tall to 3 inches tall. Each set of figures also comes in a 30th anniversary window box showcasing all three figures.

Before ending this "exhibition" I would like to present you the special edition, only available at San Diego Comic Con, the "Jumbo Darth Vader Chubby".

Imported from Hot Toys in Hong Kong, Star Wars Darth Vader Jumbo Chubby Stands 9.5 inches tall. The debut edition, the first 1000 pieces, will be available to purchase at San Diego Comic-Con 2007.

Check the Gentle Giant link in the sidebar for more info.

Mauro Bex : maurobindo

2 comentários:

Saki disse...

Adoro matrioshkas!!
Só queria ter originais, porque talvez significasse que tinha lá ido, que vaidosa ;)

E adoro que (lhes) chamem Chubbies!

maurobindo disse...

São uns fofos pá!
Se fores à Rússia primeiro do que eu tens de me trazer umas matrioshkas. Mas para começar queria estes...

Must have!