segunda-feira, 23 de julho de 2007

1/2 Scale Remote Controlled R2D2

Star Wars and gadget geeks, you may want to sit down before reading this post. This 1/2 scale remote controlled R2D2 has a projector stashed in his dome, capable of an 80-inch picture. And said controller is shaped like the Millenium Falcon. By the falcon's command, the sassy little droid can be driven forward and back and right down the trash compactor. The remote'll also spin his cute little dome piece around, trigger 11 R2 sounds from the movies. And there's a built in DVD player with stereo speakers, an iPod dock connector, USB and memory card slots, as well as AV inputs. The droid also has safety sensors to make sure you don't drive it down a trash compactor chute, or try to project it at a wall that's too close.

Check more details here.

Mauro Bex : maurobindo

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