sexta-feira, 16 de maio de 2014

Good news!

The month of May is full of great news!

As always we had May the 4th, with tons of incredible deals and bargains from lots of brands. I had my share with Lego, I got an amazing R2-D2 for a very good price. As a bonus, Lego offered a poster and a mini figure of Darth Revan, pretty cool!

Then, in the 14th of May, we had to "thank the Maker", to quote C-3PO. It was George Lucas´ birthday and I´m sure we all hope he still has many more to come.

Also during this month, we heard rumours that a new name was being given to the new movie, "Star Wars: Episode VII - The Ancient Fear". Check MovieWeb for more details.

We also had new from Del Rey Books, about a new title to be released this November, "Tarkin" by writer James Luceno. Indeed some I wish to read!

And today, the announcement that the official filming (whatever this means) had began! All of us fans already some some pics in Dubai of the preparations, a foot of a AT-At Walker or something similar if I recall, but today The Star Wars Underworld gave us this article that you should check.

All in all, May has been a terrific month for Star Wars fans, and we hope it continues to be with more thrilling news and updates about the new movie and the E.U.

May the Force be with you all!

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