segunda-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2009

And I became Lord Vader

Yesterday there was a costume party with lots of friends, to celebrate "Tinker Bell´s" birthday. It was a great party. Check some of the pics :)

After some party time, I decided to exercise my choking with Amelie Poulain.

Then we make peace.

Some dancing with Tinker Bell.

Me, with a happy face! Can´t you notice?!

Here I convinced Amelie Poulain to join The Dark Side.

Me, with a serious face! Common, you can tell it´s a serious face.

Here they caught me and did experiments.

And tried to make this thing grow out from my nose.

Tinker Bell... you wish you could scare the biggest villain of all time!

Super Goblin and me, getting some rest.

Even a Sith has to eat!

Super Goblin and me, resting again.

But I got Little Red Riding Hood! Wait a sec, wasn´t this Amelie Poulain?

Me and Amelie, ups, me and Little Red dancing with style.

Finally I got her! She is my apprentice now :)

Mauro Bex : maurobindo

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Icon disse...

eu quero vestir-me assim!!!