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Star Wars and Sanskrit #2

As time passes, we tend to reflect on things we´ve done before. In my case, in this blog´s case, it´s a matter of training. Are we not an Academy? So, "Star Wars and Sanskrit" is back.

Exploring wookieepedia, I came to know of the existence of a certain planet called "Shiva IV". It´s located in the Wild Space area, in the Shiva system. Shiva system has a single star, also called Shiva. Well, so far I´ve counted 3 Shivas... Whether or not this is a coincidence, only few can say. I´m saying it because there´s an aspect in the Hindu culture (we´re talking about Sanskrit here; check the previous article for more info) which is called trimurti (the Hindu trinity; representing the three primary deities), where Shiva is one of the represented gods (associated with destruction; destroy to renew). Shiva, in Hinduism, assumes many aspects in his personality/representation. If you triple that, a lot of mess is coming, I guarantee.

So, what does this has to do with Star Wars? Apparently, a lot. Some of our heroes have many skills and abilities, and use them oftenly to their benefits, and to save their loved ones. And what about Shiva and a planet? There is also a great matter of mysticism in India, especially after the occupation of the territory by the aryas coming from Europe, nearly 4000 years ago. Since those days, the cult to Shiva has grown bigger and bigger, but the raw strength and essence of this deity remained as it was in the beginning. Maybe that is the same strength and mystery that surrounds the area where Shiva IV is situated (Wild Space), the same power that is present in their inhabitants, that fight for righteousness and against occupation. Probably the same feeling and attitude against Aryan occupation of the Indus Valley so many centuries ago.

Before ending this article, I recommend you to read Star Wars 53: The Last Gift From Alderaan, and Star Wars 54: Starfire Rising, both from Marvel comics, published in November and December 1981. It´s the first time that Shiva IV is mentioned in the SW Universe and a good starting point to understand what I´ve been saying.
Happy readings! And again, thanks to Wookieepedia.

Mauro Bex : maurobindo

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